Thursday, February 9, 2012

The DOLL PEOPLE by Ann M. Martin , Laura Godwin, and Brian Selznick

A small doll named Annabelle Doll and her family lost their auntie named Auntie Saran.  Annabelle found a journal that was her aunties.  Her auntie LOVED spiders!  One day Annabelle Doll left the doll house ( which is a big deal!)  to look for her auntie.  On the way, Annabelle found another family of dolls.  She made some new friends.  Her good friend's name is Tiffany , and together  they look for Annabelle Doll's auntie. 

i would recommend this book to people that like adventurer , mastery , dolls ,and the spirit of friend ship.

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