Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Smile by Riana Telgemeier

    Riana is a normal eighth grader...until...  *TRIP!* and her teeth are ruined, and bleeding!  Her mother takes her to the orthodontist and, they say some thing that will makes her nervous.  Riana has to have on-again, off-again teeth surgery.  Not to mention the head gear and the retainer with fake teeth! Boy confusion is another thing that she had to deal with.  When she thinks she has friends, it turns out they aren't.  Later on though, she finds two new friends, and they are better than the last ones.  Soon enough, she also finds her artistic voice. I can't tell what happens after that.  You'll have to read the book.

My feelings about the book
    I really liked it, besides maybe one part in it where they showed some gross things.  Other than that, I enjoyed it.  Lots of funny jokes that made me laugh, and parts where it explains things I have done before.  Some times I think it actually describes my life.  Maybe not about the braces.
This is Raina smiling for a photograph.

    I recommend this book to a person who has or had braces.  Maybe you could get a lot of sympathy from this book, because it has a lot MORE events in it than just getting braces.  Not to mention it helps you understand what braces can really do.  Some of the stuff is actually surprising!  Also if your going to get braces it explains some of the things they have to do before you wear them in school.  This book is also for boys, not just girls. 

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  1. This is my favorite book on this years DCF list!
    -AF VUES